2021-12-07 Canine Mini Duchsund Red Microchipped Slough Lost
2021-11-30 Bilbo Feline DSH Ginger & white Microchipped/m/neutered Slough Lost
2021-11-25 Luna Feline DSH Black Microchipped/Scar Right Side Dorney Wood Rd Burnham Lost
2021-11-12 blue feline dsh grey tabby Microchipped/cream tummy Dolphin rd Lost
2021-11-11 princess feline dsh tabby/white legs small, m/chipped cippenham lost
2021-09-21 bella Feline DSH calico Microchipped chalvey Lost
2021-08-31 Rupert Feline DSH Grey Microchipped Pennylets Green Stoke Poges Lost
2021-08-18 Rabbit Brown Petersfield Ave Found
2021-08-09 Dave Feline Dsh Black Microchipped/No collar/female Maplin Park, Langley Lost
2021-08-04 Candy Canine Shar Pei Cream Microchipped/No collar Dart Road langley Lost
2021-07-27 Spot Feline DSH Tabby Microchipped/No collar Dolphin Road Slough Lost
2021-07-22 Lilly Feline Ragdoll Cream m/chip, blue eyes, dark tips Wordsworth rd, Burnham
2021-07-21 Canine Cocker Spaniel Black Microchipped/Brown Collar Hazlemere Lost
2021-07-16 Feline DSH Black & White Microchipped/No collar Kelmsley Chase Farnham Royal Lost
2021-07-12 Joy Cat DSH White Yellow eye, Blue eye Colnbrook Lost
2021-07-09 joy feline Turkish angora white 1 blue one yellow eyes Morland avenue, Colnbrook Chipped
2021-05-26 Bean Feline Bengal mix black & brown Microchipped Hegware Close area Castrated
2021-05-21 Cat Tabby Chipped Taplow Road , Burnham LOST
2021-05-12 Pixie Feline DLH Black & white yellow collar/microchipped Spayed
2021-05-06 Feline Tuxedo Black & white No Collar/Microchipped/Male N Horton Village Lost
2021-04-06 Feline DSH Grey Tabby/White No Collar or Chip/Not Neutered Freemans Close Stoke Poges Deceased
2021-03-22 Suzie Feline DSH Tabby No Collar but Microchipped Halkingcroft,Langley Lost
2021-03-18 Tango Feline DSH Ginger/White paws No Collar or Chip Hogarth Close Cippenham Lost
2020-11-17 Dog Maltese-Shitzu Blonde Slough Road Iver SL0 0DZ Lost
2020-10-19 Cat Cat DSH Black Collar Cippenham Lost
2020-09-10 Monty Feline Dsh Black & White Not chipped/Green eyes/2yrs Lochinvar Close Cippenham Lost
2020-09-10 Feline Bsh x Persian Light Ginger Microchipped Bannister Close Langley Lost
2020-01-13 Feline DSH Grey No chip Rosken Grove Farnham Royal Lost
2020-01-10 Canine Shih Tzu x Cream Langley Park Lost
2019-12-09 test test test test test test lost
2019-12-09 test test test test test test lost
2019-12-09 Kit-Kat Feline DSH Tortie/White Chipped Westgate Crescent Slough SL1 Lost
2019-10-21 Cat DLH Tabby Yellow bow tie collar Langley lost
2019-06-18 Dog Jack Russell Tan and White Tan head Chalfonts Lost
2019-02-25 Feline Tortoise shell Rokesbury road Britwell Lost
2019-02-21 Jasper Feline DSH Grey & White Microchipped Marlborough Rd,Langley. Lost
2019-01-31 Unknown Lagomorph Lop-eared Fawn See details on vets system. Britwell estate,Slough. Found
2019-01-11 CAT Siberian Grey and White Male neutured Dorney wood road, Dorney
2019-01-04 Bones Feline DSH Black and White Chipped/No collar-Missing sinc Fir Tree Avenue,Stoke Poges Lost
2019-01-03 Feline DSH Tabby / White White neck and paws, female
2019-01-03 Brophy Cat DSH Black and white, black mark on chin, mic
2018-12-17 / Feline DSH Black/White/Orange No chip, black back, r front p Slough LOST
2018-11-12 Avian Cockatiel Grey/White No ring or chip Ingrams Copse Found aliv
2018-11-11 Avian Cockatiel Grey/White Crested-No ring or chip Ingrams Copse,Farnham Common Lost
2018-11-07 Feline DSH Ginger/White No collar or chip Newport Rd,Britwell. Found aliv
2018-10-23 Reptile Tortoise Blackpond Lane,Farnham Common Lost
2018-10-01 Blue Feline DSH Grey/white Collar=name on collar / no mic colnbrook LOST
2018-09-27 CAT (dead dsh Ginger and white Whittaker Road/Blumfield Cres. Sloug RTA Dead
2018-09-27 CAT (dead Ginger and white Whittaker Road/Blumfield Cres. Sloug RTA Dead
2018-09-27 CAT (dead Ginger and white Whittaker Road/Blumfield Cres. Sloug
2018-09-13 Cat Domestic Short Hair Ginger No chip/collar unsure? Upton Court School Lost
2018-09-13 Cat Domestic Short Hair
2018-08-30 Gizmo Canine Chihuahua
2018-08-30 Gizmo Canine Chihuahua-Male Long Haired Champagne/Beige No chip/collar-Missing 1 day Lismore Park Slough Lost
2018-08-20 Lucy Feline DSH Black Yellow collar/Not chipped Stoke Poges/Gerrards Cross Lost
2018-07-19 Milo Feline DSH Ginger (Male) 5y Microchipped Milner Road Burnham Lost
2018-07-11 Lucca Feline Norwegian Forest Brown and White Tabby Microchipped-Missing 2 days Gaviots Close, Gerrards Cross Lost
2018-07-11 Tia Feline DSH Black No chip/collar-Missing 2 weeks Langtons Meadow(Farnham Common) Lost
2018-07-10 Feline Maine Coon cross Tabby No collar - Is Chipped Deadworth LOST
2018-07-07 Ranger Feline DSH Snow white Black collar(looking worn) Chi 66 Trelawney ave LOST
2018-07-05 Ella Feline DSH Black and White No collar or microchip Cottesbrooke Close,Colnbrook LOST
2018-06-29 Feline DSH Ginger No microchip Farnham Common shops(Near Royal Oak) Deceased
2018-06-28 Charlie Canine Yorkshire Terrier Black and Tan Blue collar/Chipped Rectory Close Farnham Royal Deceased
2018-06-27 Charlie Canine Yorkshire Terrier Black and Tan Blue Collar/Chipped Rectory Close Farnham Royal
2018-06-20 Ollie Feline DSH Ginger and White Microchipped Brighton Spur Britwell,Slough Lost
2018-06-15 Feline DSH White and Tabby No Chip, 6Months old, No Colla Farnham Road Deceased
2018-06-15 --- Feline DSH White and Tabby Farnham Road Found Dece
2018-06-04 Leo Feline DSH Tabby and White Male,7m,no collar Brighton Spur,Britwell Lost
2018-05-24 feline bengal brown tabby blue eyes microchipped 9560000 sl1 2lg the crescent 92` lost
2018-05-22 Feline DSH black and white patter on nose, very long aldin avenue south lost
2018-05-21 Groszek Feline DLH Grey/White Red Collar / ID chip: 95301000 Slough LOST
2018-05-17 Pascu Mihael feline DLH (fluffy) Ginger white tail tip Chubby cat) Lent Rise near school missing
2018-05-06 Feline DSH Black and White Microchipped Wyndham Crescent Burnham Lost
2018-05-05 Ruby Canine X Breed/Lurcher type Tan/Fawn Microchipped/spayed Old Amersham(HP7 area) Lost
2018-04-03 Angel Feline Dsh Black Not chipped/pink collar/Bell Beaumont Rd-Manor Park Lost
2018-03-21 Skipper Cat DSH Black & White F/N Taplow Berks (Thames Bank , River ro LOST
2018-03-17 / Feline DSH DLH Black/White No collar no Chip, white tippe Langley
2018-03-06 Feline DSH Black Yellow collar Wexham
2018-02-22 Morris Cat maine coon red Coalmans Way Burnham lost
2017-10-06 Feline DSH 3 white paws and 1 black paw Wexham Lost
2017-10-06 feline dsh black and white not chipped no collar not neut lent rise road FOUND
2017-10-05 Canine labradoodles X 2 1 black and 1 white both 5 months old chipped but no collar Crosthwaite Way Burnham lost
2017-10-05 Canine labradoodles X 2
2017-09-25 feline tortieshell dsh black tortieshell no chip, no collar langley station found
2017-09-16 feline dsh Black Id and red collar Burnham road slough lost
2017-09-14 Feline dsh Black No collar/not chipped One Pin Lane Farnham Common Deceased
2017-09-13 Feline dsh Grey 1 toe amputated/chipped Trelawney Ave,Langley Lost
2017-09-09 Cat siamese Chocolate Point. Cream/ivory body. woodberry avenue lost
2017-09-06 feline dsh white with balck spots male, R.I.P orchardville burnham FOUND
2017-09-04 feline aegyptian mau id chipped, no collar slough lost
2017-09-01 Cat tortie maine coon silver microchipped willoughby road lost
2017-08-24 cat bengal no collar but chipped lost
2017-08-21 feline persian cream collar-cream with fish, mn, no farnham royal found
2017-08-21 feline dsh 4-5 months old black/white paws not chipped whittaker road FOUND
2017-08-08 feline dsh all black, going grey around mouth chipped but no collar grenville court, burnham lost
2017-08-02 feline dsh white/ginger Clonmel Way, Burnham found
2017-07-31 Canine Yorkshire Terrier Steel/Gold Chipped in Poland SL1 3BZ Lost
2017-07-25 Feline dsh Black/White Scar on mouth/chipped 77 Mead Rd Langley Lost again
2017-07-18 feline dsh tabby tabby, male-n , no chip,no col glenwood place lost
2017-07-18 canine siberian husky white bright blue eyes 3 thirlmere ave, sl1 6eb lost
2017-07-14 Canine Crossbreed Black/Tan Chipped/Beige collar/Skinny Langley Lost
2017-07-07 Cat dsh balck & white, had abcess on mouth has scar, 77 mead avenue langley lost
2017-07-04 rabbit small- cream cream very friendly trawlany avenu found
2017-07-03 canine cocker spaniel Black Male Burnham Park Lost
2017-07-03 Dog Chihuahua no collar but chipped lost
2017-07-03 Feline Bengal Black and Brown Microchipped Hag Hill Lane Taplow Lost
2017-06-30 feline dsh balck & white male, black with white chest, eton green lost
2017-06-29 feline dsh tabby tabby, dsh, no collar, no chip crown meadow lost
2017-06-27 feline british blue blue microchipped, pregnant, female ellington road taplow lost
2017-06-09 cat dsh TABBY No chip FOUND
2017-06-09 feline dlh black & white, mn, no mc, no c hawking cross, langley road lost
2017-06-08 feline microchipped lost
2017-06-01 feline dlh tabby tabby, no mc, no collar, meadfield road lost
2017-05-26 Feline DLH Black and white No collar/ White Chest Church Road Farnham Royal Looking fo
2017-05-16 Feline dsh Black White chest/paws chipped. Stoke Poges Lost
2017-05-16 feline dsh tabby tabby no id , no collar trawlany avenue- at vets 4 pets now Found
2017-05-15 feline dsh tabby-silver Amerden Park, Taplow LOST
2017-05-15 feline dsh tabby-silver Amerden Park,
2017-05-15 lagomorphs rabbit white burnham nature reserve found
2017-05-10 Cat dsh Black male, has id chip surrey, KT9, station Road lost
2017-05-10 Cat birman seal point female, id chip 98517000086319 guildford, dunston avenue lost
2017-05-05 Cat dsh black, id 986100000324040 male amersham, hollow way lane lost
2017-05-05 canine Crossbreed No collar/chipped Ran off Burnham Lane 28.04.17 Found
2017-04-28 canine X-breed Tan & White No collar but micro chipped Ran off in Burnham Lane, has been sp lost
2017-04-18 feline tabby ginger/browm/ short hair no collar no chip not nuetered rokesby road lost since
2017-04-18 Feline DSH Tabby White on Neck Rokesby Road Britell Lost
2017-04-18 feline tabby ginger/browm/ short hair no collar no chip not nuetered rokesby road lost since
2017-04-15 canine jrt has mc langley park found
2017-04-15 feline dsh white green eyes 8 hilla way lost
2017-04-15 feline bengal silver snow no collar, mc, small cat farnham common lost
2017-03-30 Cat dlh grey white bib white bib, no collar but chipp salt hill park area lost
2017-03-27 cat dsh/stray ginger 13 Rossiter Close lost
2017-03-18 Feline DSH Tabby White on Neck Rokesby Road Britell Lost
2017-03-18 Feline DSH Tabby White on Neck Rokesby Road Britell Lost
2017-03-18 Feline DSH Tabby White on Neck Rokesby Road Britell Lost
2017-03-17 canine 2 x ghd both white male and female wexham lost
2017-03-12 Ginger and white
2017-03-12 Ginger and white
2017-03-12 Ginger and white
2017-03-12 Feline DSH Ginger and white, male Not castrated lost
2017-03-01 feline dmh tabby tabby, white nose & chest, no pemberton road slough lost
2017-03-01 Cat Cream & Grey with blue eyes. T Duffield Park SL2 4HY LOST
2017-02-25 feline short hair tabby has mc and collar with green t shaggy calf lane lost
2017-02-24 dlh tortie brown ginger white one white leg one ginger leg a high street burnham lost
2017-02-24 Feline DMH tortie, white back leg, ginger face, fem no id , no collar fox brook estate lost
2017-02-23 Feline dlh Black with orange/white Chipped.Black/Ginger/White Burnham High St. area lost
2017-02-17 Canine Terrier/Whippet Chipped/Missing June 2016 Mead Avenue Langley Lost
2017-02-16 cat black,tan-tabby black socks, blue collar,id c langley lost
2017-02-14 feline dsh black but has white nose and paws collar (black with bell), no c 28 burlington road, burnham lost
2017-02-13 Feline dsh/stray white/green eyes/brown nose Travis Court Farnham Royal lost
2017-02-07 Feline dsh Black White paws/chest/chipped Badgers Wood Farnham Common Lost
2017-02-03 Feline Burmese Brown 985154000381982 Onslow Crescent Woking lost
2017-02-02 feline bengal brown rosette ID chipped and collar 65 haymill road, burnham lost since
2017-01-31 Feline DSH Tabby Microchipped Penn Meadow Stoke Poges Lost
2017-01-30 bird cockatiel grey+white middle, yellow face red cheeks farnham lane lost
2017-01-23 Canine Crossbreed Black and Tan Deceased Sospel Court/Farnham Park Found
2017-01-13 feline Tabby Dark Grey Bald spot round collar line/no North Green Slough Lost
2017-01-10 feline dlh dark tabby female- entire, no mc, 1year, colnbrook, poule lost
2016-12-28 feline british shorthair 985111001282663 lost
2016-12-19 cat dsh black, white chin+belly id chip, no collar cippenham, leownsway lost
2016-12-07 feline dsh pure white pink ears horton road lost
2016-12-02 canine black terrier x black, white spot on chest no id , no collar, but flea c blackparkroad near wexhamstreet end found
2016-11-30 canine shih tzu cross Black/White no id , no collar, male- n, w london road, slough found
2016-11-27 parrot African Grey Parrot grey with red tail ring on leg K904MB16 Cippenham near asda lost
2016-11-23 Canine Amreican Bulldog White Black spots, tan collar, chipp Jubliee River lost
2016-11-17 Dog American Bulldog
2016-11-16 canine Chihuahua X white brown patches chipped no collar male not cas slough lost
2016-11-16 Cat DLH Tabby Tabby Taplow
2016-11-14 feline siamese tan and black no collar, no mc, female, poss burnham station found
2016-11-08 cat dsh grey and white black and yellow collar goodman park found (dea
2016-11-08 cat domestics grey has mc, no collar, female, 2yr chalvey- spacmonds lost
2016-11-08 dobby cat dsh Black and White no id , no collar popes close colnbrook lost
2016-10-31 feline bengal brown 86 whittaker road, Britwell lost(3 wee
2016-10-28 socks Cat dsh Black and White paws no id , red/gold collar=bell, linworth pak, slough, sl2 5de lost
2016-10-26 canine rottie black & tan male entire, brown flea collar merton road found (dea
2016-10-24 feline tortie tortie no id , no collar cippenham lost
2016-10-21 Unknown Canine Young Westie White Wearing purple collar (nochip) 61 Gore Rd Burnham Found
2016-10-20 Cat dsh tortie no id, 16 years old cippenham lost
2016-10-18 feline dlh blue grey fluffy fluffy london drive lost
2016-10-17 alfie feline dlh black/white microchipped tithe lane wraysbury train station lost
2016-10-14 Casper Cat dsh pure white one blue eye one green Eton Wick lost
2016-10-14 Cat Bengal Cross Tabby white chest and black coss on back Id chipp 981000002508790 Flackwell Heath Gerrards Cross Lost
2016-10-12 Rocky Canine Miniature Yoksh Wendover Road Burnham Lost
2016-10-10 buddy Cat dsh ginger no id , no collar burnham lost
2016-10-05 Slough Counc Cat dsh black , white neck and belly and feet no id , no collar 49 diamond road found (dea
2016-10-04 Daisy Feline DSH White & torti 3 legged cat, rear left leg am Near pub, Blackpond Lane FR lost
2016-09-30 feline dsh white tabby tabby egg shaped mark on white off mansion lane iver lost
2016-09-28 feline DLH blue/grey No chip Blunden Drive Langley Lost
2016-09-12 Alma Vets Cat dsh Black and White, has oral tumour no chip, but collar (back with kingsroad slough found
2016-09-09 Cat Dlh Black and White White belly+paws,no chip no co 67the Frithe ,wexham Found (dea
2016-09-06 Gollun Fel Oriental Torto Slim build/shy/ID chipped/FN 27 High St Burnham Lost since
2016-09-06 Gollun Fel Oriental Torto Slim build/shy 277 High St Burnham Lost since
2016-09-05 Toby Parrot African Grey Pa Grey/ Red Tail Has ring on right leg Upton court area Lost
2016-09-02 canine JRT cream white spot on nose no chip,FN,had a collar +harne 6 mansfield close britwell lost
2016-08-25 Canine Terrier Type Black/Tan 2 collars(Handed in to Beeches Farnham Royal Found
2016-08-24 Millie Feline Dsh Tabby/white Microchipped Iver High St Lost
2016-08-22 rosie cat dsh tortoishell chabby,no chip, no collar langley lost
2016-08-19 maya cat dsh Black chipped but not right owner, n alma vets found
2016-08-17 ernie feline british shortha brown with black stripes chipped 985141000893323 9 capercaillie close, bracknell, lost
2016-08-17 Bubbles Feline dsh ginger/white Cheviot Road Langley lost
2016-08-16 Dana canine Terrier/Whippet white + tan chipped Mead avenue Lost
2016-08-11 Feline dsh Grey and Black Stripes Hillside(Chalvey) Lost
2016-08-08 Feline dlh Black/White No Collar Colnbrook Lost
2016-08-04 canine staff brown with white neck chipped mirador crescent lost
2016-08-03 cat dsh ginger lost since 4 june kimberly close Langley lost
2016-08-02 Cat 1yr Dsh Black /Blackcollar 07472 329683/ No Chip Taplow Road,Taplow Lost
2016-07-25 Bruno Feline dsh Tabby Clivedon Road Taplow Lost
2016-07-04 Kitten Tortoise Shell Grey Upton Lea Lost sinc
2016-06-25 Lucky Dog Jack Russel Brown / white Female Middle Green, Langley Lost
2016-06-24 Marrakech Feline Tabby Black and Grey Hatton Avenue Manor Park Lost
2016-06-24 Cat Dsh Black/white Summerleaze Vets Found
2016-06-23 Canine Yorkie/chihuahu Brown/Gold Microchipped no collar Crownborn Street Slough Lost
2016-06-08 Zack Cat Tuxedo Black & white Microchipped(in South Africa). Cliveden road Lost
2016-06-07 Feline Dsh Ginger Blue collar not chipped Slough High Street Lost
2016-06-06 Feline Dsh Ginger Blue collar not chipped Swallow Street Iver Heath Lost
2016-05-23 Feline Maine Coon Ulcer in one eye Iver High Street Lost
2016-05-19 Dog Rottweiler Black/Tan Taplow Common Road Lost
2016-05-12 Canine Jack Russell Cr Black and white Brown leather collar Windsor Road Lost
2016-05-10 Louis Feline Siamese Apricot point Microchipped Pines hotel wymers wood rd burnham Lost
2016-05-07 feline dsh black Some white hairs Trelawney Avenue lost
2016-04-29 Feline dsh Black and White pink collar,young,no chip Cobblers Close Farnham Royal lost
2016-04-07 Maddie Feline DSH Tabby Aldbourne Road Burnham Lost
2016-03-02 charlie feline dsh ginger & white micro chipped Colham Ave West Drayton Lost
2016-02-26 simba feline dsh ginger/white microchipped Blackpond Lane Farnham Royal Found
2016-02-25 feline 7yr dsh black/white white beard/paws and underneat 14 Aldbourne Rd burnham Lost
2016-02-25 vyvyan feline 2yr dsh Ginger micro chipped Thirlmere ave Burnham Lost
2016-02-08 casper feline maine coon cream with hints of ginger microchipped Beaconsfield road farnham common Found
2016-02-06 feline DSH Tabby White mouth, bib and paws, aff Found
2016-01-31 feline dsh dark grey/charcoal shaved leg almond road Burnham lost
2016-01-30 feline bengal tabby redcollar/bell microchipped new road Datchet lost
2016-01-22 pirate feline tabby tabby chipped/ only one eye greystoke road Lost
2016-01-21 canine lurcher lemon/white Black collar Horton Lost
2015-12-18 feline british blue grey microchipped milner road, burnham Lost
2015-12-15 Sultana feline bengal brown and dark brown spots no features rochford gardens slough lost
2015-12-14 herbie feline dsh tabby 4 white sox/white belly/white grampian way langley Lost
2015-12-07 Feline dsh Black/White microchipped no collar lovehill lane langley lost
2015-12-01 rocky canine rottweiler black and tan red collar microchipped farnham road lost
2015-11-30 Feline dsh black microchipped eastfield road burnham lost
2015-11-18 Feline dsh tortoiseshell Blue collar Britwell lost
2015-11-14 Feline dsh Black/White Pink nose Sheffield road Slough lost
2015-11-10 Feline dsh Ginger/White microchipped Badger Close Maidenhead lost
2015-11-07 Feline Ragdoll Blue pointed microchipped Bosworth Court lost
2015-11-05 canine French Bull Dog black microchipped Pemberton Rd Slough Lost
2015-10-26 canine Golden Retrieve Golden Langley Lost
2015-10-26 canine Chihuahua brown microchipped burnham Lost
2015-10-23 feline Bengal Black/Tan Black pattern on chest Maidenhead Lost
2015-10-21 Cleo feline dsh Tortoiseshell microchipped Bourne Avenue Lost
2015-10-12 feline dsh grey/white Blandford Close Langley Lost
2015-10-08 feline dsh tabby/white microchipped Maypole Road Taplow Lost
2015-10-01 tigger feline dsh beige bent ear,squinty eye frimley drive cippenham lost
2015-09-30 avian budgie Green Tweed road Langley found
2015-09-29 Frankie Feline Unknown Black male/N Wearing bl/silver collar blue Long drive Burnham Lost
2015-09-28 feline dsh black microchipped oldmore lane lost
2015-09-23 feline dsh silver tabby no collar penstone car park burnham lost
2015-09-22 rascal feline dlh black/white white nose/socks SBC building site(19/09) lost
2015-09-19 Sampson feline dsh black/white Maidenhead Lost
2015-09-18 Feline Dsh Black White on face/cheek Richings park/iver Lost
2015-09-15 feline Asian tabby microchipped Belmont drive,Maidenhead lost
2015-09-10 max feline dsh ginger microchipped Elmhurst road area found
2015-09-10 bunkx/bunky feline dsh white/ginger/black chipped/red collar burnham high street area lost
2015-09-03 feline dsh black thick black tail/no collar parlaunt road langley lost
2015-08-28 feline dsh black maybe red collar/bushy tail manor park lost
2015-08-24 Tilly Feline Dsh Black/white Microchipped Havelock road maidenhead Lost
2015-08-19 Maple Feline DSH Black Austin Way, Bracknell Lost
2015-08-19 Feline DSH Tabby and white, male Kitten Bourne End, SL8 5LE Lost
2015-08-16 feline long haired per white/slight grey flecks microchipped west street marlow lost
2015-08-13 unknown feline dsh tabby 3 legs george green lost
2015-08-10 feline dlh black/white pink lane burnham lost
2015-08-10 feline calico tricilour no collar iver heath lost
2015-08-10 feline dsh grey/dark tail red collar nursery road taplow lost
2015-08-06 feline dsh black/white SL3 9EX lost
2015-08-05 feline dsh Tortoiseshell priory road burnham lost
2015-07-31 feline dsh silver tabby black collar Langtons Meadow,Farn C lost
2015-07-24 feline dsh black fruitbat breed/id chipped forest rd,berkshire RG42 lost
2015-07-22 feline dsh black/white brown collar/female found
2015-07-22 stray feline dsh tabby no collar hazel way lost
2015-07-20 canine cocker spaniel black/white white snout/brown collar pococks lane lost
2015-07-11 Canine Eng Spr Span Liver Red Collar Eton Wick Lost
2015-07-06 Feline DSH Gray & white Kitten Dolphin Road, Sainsburys Found
2015-07-04 Chip Canine Jack Russel Brown & White Pink Collar Blackpond Lane Lost
2015-06-29 avian budgie blue/grey/white farnham lane lost
2015-06-24 feline dsh tabby farnham road lost
2015-06-23 feline dsh ginger/white no collar farnham common found
2015-06-18 Izzy feline dsh Tortoiseshell The Vicarage, Windsor SL4 lost
2015-06-18 charlie canine yorkshire terri brown/black farnham royal lost
2015-05-27 feline dlh black bent tail burnham lost
2015-05-27 bootsie feline dsh black/white wexham lost
2015-05-22 feline lilac siamese black/white microchipped thicket edge maidenhead lost
2015-05-21 feline dlh black/white yellow eyes/op on tooth king street lost
2015-05-20 skippy canine crossbreed brown/white blind in one eye langley road slough lost
2015-05-20 feline dsh tabby canine tooth missing trewarden iver heath lost
2015-05-11 canine toy poodle brown pregnant/pink collar touchen end maidenhead lost
2015-05-11 kitty kitty feline dsh pure white yellow eyes greys road lost
2015-05-05 canine patterdale black white patch on chest/chipped wintoun walk slough lost
2015-04-30 patch feline dsh black/white keble road maidenhead lost
2015-04-27 tortoise herman green/brown camouflage blinco lane lost
2014-11-16 1 1 1 1 1 1
2014-02-17 feline dsh black but has white nose and paws collar (black with bell), no c 28 burlington road, burnham lost
0000-00-00 Cat DSH Tortoiseshell 3 white paws and 1 black paw
0000-00-00 feline dsh white with balck spots male, R.I.P orchardville burnham FOUND
0000-00-00 Canine labradoodles X 2 1 black and 1 white both 5 months old chipped but no collar Crosthwaite Way Burnham lost
0000-00-00 Canine labradoodles X 2 1 black and 1 white both 5 months old chipped but no collar Crosthwaite Way Burnham lost
0000-00-00 feline dsh black and white not chipped no collar lent rise road FOUND