Cruciate Ligament

TPLO/TTA/Lateral Suture

English Bulldog Maidenhead January 2021. A cruciate ligament tear in the knee is one of the most common causes of lameness in a dog or cat

Fracture of Long Bones

Intramedullary Pin

Cat 11 years old, Salt Hill, Slough May 2020
Treatment: Intramedullary pin and two circlage wires

Patella Luxation

Lateral Retinacular Overlap

SBT 11 years old, Burnham November 2020

Treatment: Lateral Retinacular Overlap

Complex Fractures

External Fixator

GSD 3 years old, Langley October 2020
Treatment: External Fixator and Metatarsal Plate

Joint Arthrodesis

Complete Tarsal Metatarsal Dislocation

Cockapoo 18 mon, Manor Park, Slough December 2020

Joint Arthrodesis

Cancellous bone graft

Treatment: Scapula cancellous bone graft; DCP plate and screws

Vertebral Disc Prolapse

Common in Dachshunds

Dachshund, Burnham August 2020
Thoraco Lumbar Disc Calcification and Prolapse
Treatment: Spinal Surgical Referral

Jaw Fractures


Arthroscopic Joint Examination

Arthroscopic Joint Examination
video analysis