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2x grain free 12kg bags £39.95 each
Stockists of dog and cat food

High Blood Pressure in Cats

  • Cost: £25
  • Common condition: leading to
  • Retinal bleeding and blindness
  • Heart and Kidney failure
  • Well controlled by medication
  • Ideally twice yearly for cats over 8 years
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Dog Wash

  • Anal Glands, Nails, Clean Ears, Shampoo, Dry and Brush
  • Small £20 - Med £30 - Large £40
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Travelling with your Pet?

  • We have Official Veterinarian Status
  • 15 minutes from Heathrow
  • Phone us to discuss your requirements
Official Veterinarian
Doctor Kim Staples MRCVS
01753 520636
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Taking your Cat to Heathrow?

  • We board cats £20 per night
  • We can provide transport to and from the airport
  • Please phone us for a quote
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Eastern European Pet Travel

  • Supervised by practice Official Veterinarian
  • Staff fluent in Slovakian, Romanian and German
Buna, Hallo!
Doctor Iosif Maier MRCVS Romania
Lekár Ivana Ficova MRCVS Slovakia
Assisted by Doctor Kim Staples MRCVS (OV)

01753 520636
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Veterinary Nurse/Helper

Employment opportunity at Penstone Vets and Pet Services
The job is varied and involves helping with operations, cleaning, maintenance, home visits, pet washing and reception.
Please send applications to:

Opening Hours
Farnham Royal9 - 11.45am and 2.45 - 6.00pm 01753 644735
Slough8.30 - 6.30pm01753 520636
Burnham9 - 11.45am and 3 - 7.00pm01628 603045

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S 01753 520636
B 01628 603045
FR 01753 644735
  01753 536604