Dog and Cat Healthcare Blood Test

ALB Albumin, tests protein levels in the body. Gives indication of body condition. Malnutrition
ALKP Alkaline Phosphatase, gives indication of liver, stress hormone levels. Rises with some liver, cancer illness and Cushings Syndrome
ALT Alanine Aminotransferase Rises with liver disease
BUN Urea, rises in renal insufficiency Kidney failure
Crea Rises in renal problems Kidney failure
Glu Glucose, elevates in Diabetes Diabetes mellitus
TP Total protein, measures protein levels in blood Low in malnutrition and wasting illnesses
WBC White Blood Cell Count, rises with infection, cancer e.g. raised in leukaemia, womb infection
RBC Red blood cell count, lower in anaemia e.g. lower in anaemia of renal failure