Dog and Cat Healthcare blood test

ALBAlbumin, tests protein levels in the body. Gives indication of body condition.Malnutrition
ALKPAlkaline Phosphatase, gives indication of liver, stress hormone levels.Rises with some liver, cancer illness and Cushings Syndrome
ALTAlanine AminotransferaseRises with liver disease
BUNUrea, rises in renal insufficiencyKidney failure
CreaRises in renal problemsKidney failure
GluGlucose, elevates in DiabetesDiabetes mellitus
TPTotal protein, measures protein levels in bloodLow in malnutrition and wasting illnesses
WBCWhite Blood Cell Count, rises with infection, cancere.g. raised in leukaemia, womb infection
RBCRed blood cell count, lower in anaemiae.g. lower in anaemia of renal failure

If this blood test is clear there is a very good chance your pet is healthy!
The blood test is done on our inhouse state of art Idexx blood analyser; each patient will receive a blood result printout
Any significant abnormal results will receive free veterinary surgeon consultation