Cat and Dog Dentals

* Post op medications are usually given with extractions. These are usually antibiotics and pain relief oral medications. The price is additional and is usually between £20 - £50 depending on bodyweight.


Cats can be picked up and dropped of at Slough, Farnham Royal or Burnham
Dogs must be taken to Langley, Slough.


Plaque buildupUltrasonic Descale
GingivitisUltrasonic Descale
Gum RecessionUltrasonic Descale
Loose ToothExtraction
Dead ToothExtraction
Abscessed ToothAntibiotics +/- Extraction
HalitosisUltrasonic Descale +/- Extraction(s)
EpulisSurgical Removal

IMS GS Deluxe Dental

dental led
LED High Speed
Illuminated Handpiece

3 Way Syringe
3 Way Syringe